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Leader`s Speech

Leader`s Speech

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Dear friends,!My name is Wu Tianping. I’m general manager of Zhejiang Tianyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.


Here, it’s my honor to introduce Tianyuan to you –a warm homeland, where people from all corners of the country gather to pursue common ideals and achieve common objectives. Tianyuan is committed to manufacturing quality products and offering superior services, and thus contributing to the modernization of Chinese industry.


“A sword that has been sharpened for ten years will show its striking sharpness and shininess once out of sheath”. Just as the saying goes, the company has gone through the past 20 years of trials and hardships in yearning for achieving the dreams of success. Finally, the company owns its today’s resplendence. The company has ever experienced the joy of success and the mistakes of hesitation in the devious development course, finally making a glorious chapter of exploration.


The company is a bridge to connect you and me for establishing friendship, and a platform where employees can achieve their value of life. In today’s world where economic globalization is greatly speeding up, we are increasingly aware of the need of “Cooperative Development, Common Improvement”. All the staff is looking forward to establishing cooperation with people from all walks of life with great enthusiasm and by offering unlimited business opportunities and potentials.



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